About Green Wheels
Who are we ?

Green Wheels is an officially registered NGO since August 2010 whose mission is to promote cycling at 3 levels : 1. As a sport 2. For leisure 3. As a transportation mode Lebanon has one of the highest rates of cars/inhabitants, a very high pollution and a very heavy traffic. It is therefore obvious that an efficient public transportation system along with alternative transportation means is the only possible way out! We enjoy around 300 sunny days per year in this country and we believe cycling can develop a lot if the right infrastructure is implemented. Commuting to work or university in Beirut and other cities across the country can become a reality.Not only would that improve the traffic in town, but it will also change the aspect of the city. A city with bike lanes and cyclists is cool!

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Benefits of Cycling:
Physically & mentally healthy
A human dimension in cities
Take up little space
Quick and Easy, Efficient
For every one, Good for the economy
No pollution, No noise, in all weather