About Green Wheels
Our projects

1. A coordination with the LMT (Lebanese Mountain Trail) to introduce cycling on this Trail that crosses Lebanon in the mountains from the Al Qobeyat in the North to Marjeyoun in the South.

2. A cycling track in the banana fields in Damour that will be open to the public (between the highway and the sea). This track is designed for beginners and families and for more advanced cyclists who will have their reserved area in the track. There are plans to connect this track to other bike routes in the Shouf.

3. Discussions with several municipalities (Beirut, Jbeil, Amchit, Zahle etc.) for the construction of bike lanes dedicated to cyclists. In this respect, we have 3 main objectives :

  • a. Bike lanes in Beirut : there is a French funding for an urbanisation study in Beirut that includes bike lanes. We are in touch with the French team who is managing that project and ready to act any time it is needed.
  • b. A bike lane on the coastal road from Naqoura in the South to Al Arida in the North. The plan is to start with 3 segments that will constitute the core of that bike lane : Naqoura-Tyre; Jyeh-Damour; Jbeil-Batroun.
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Benefits of Cycling:
Physically & mentally healthy
A human dimension in cities
Take up little space
Quick and Easy, Efficient
For every one, Good for the economy
No pollution, No noise, in all weather