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Beirut public space: Green Wheels to create bike lanes in Lebanon

It was last spring when I first heard about a neat bike initiative in the making in Lebanon. I made a note to myself to investigate the issue during my summer stay in Beirut and never got around to it, but I’m glad to see it finally happened. The project is called Green Wheels and is a non-profit that seeks to promote the use of bikes in Lebanon.

    Green Wheels … want to reorganise Beirut so that it can be easier to move around using a bike. To achieve that, they would like to connect strategic locations using bicycle paths basically: Mar Mihail – Gemmayze – Saifi – Spears – Hamra – Ras Beirut, some universities and gardens. They are currently still in discussion with Beirut’ and Paris’ city Halls officials so that the project could coordinate efforts from both Lebanon and France.

They seem to have some ambitious projects lined up, and anyone who is familiar with the Lebanese road network and driving style knows that “ambitious” is an understatement. I recommend supporting them on Facebook.

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