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Bike Day in Beirut

A Bike Day was held today in Beirut as part of The Danish Cultural Week. Via Facebook, Green Wheels encouraged their fans to bike to work, and bicycles were even made available for free at Beirut by Bike and Bike Generation. Later in the day, the association led a symbolic ride from Gemmayze to BIEL (downtown), where cyclists gathered at the Beirut by Bike checkpoint.

I didn’t bike to work, but I decided to check out the gathering. I went there by car, too, but it will be a while until I become bold enough to use a non-motorized, unshielded vehicle on the Ring…

Even though some recreational routes exist, we know how risky it is to use bikes as a commuting mode in the city (for a better picture of the cycling situation here, check out the Daily Star’s neat article on the issue), so any gesture, however symbolic, is a step forward.

Later, I spotted this man (bottom left) using a bike… on the road! So yes, there is hope.

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Benefits of Cycling:
A human dimension in cities
Take up little space
Quick and Easy, Efficient
For every one, Good for the economy
No pollution, No noise, in all weather
Physically & mentally healthy